Cancel multiple running instances of a Cloud Flow using PowerShell

Have you ever had a cloud flow that causes infinite loop? And after turn it off you still have hundreds or even thousands of running instances?.

Then you are not alone, let me walk you through this blog post to show you how you can leverage PowerShell to cancel all those running instances with small script.

Power Platform Release wave 1 2023

It’s here, the release of wave 1 2023 was announced. Every year Microsoft delights us twice with the wave of releases so this time I wanted to share my list of top features about Power Platform I hope you enjoy it as much as I did reading it.

Call cloud flows using webhooks

Have you ever asked yourself the question: what if I could do the same thing I could do with a plugin but using a cloud flow?

Well then we are on the same team. We can certainly combine a cloud flow with a webhook by sending the images pre and post to the cloud flow, let’s dive in to find out the pros and cons of using one option over the other.