From Basics to Brilliance: TypeScript Examples for Model Driven Apps

Unleash the power of TypeScript in Model Driven Apps! Explore practical examples, from handling basic logic in main forms to opening Custom Pages, calling Custom APIs, and triggering Cloud Flows. Ready-to-use code for your projects – tweak it according to your needs! Dive into the details and elevate your app development game

How to create a TypeScript project for Model Driven Apps

This is the continuation of a series on how to apply TypeScript in Model Driven Apps, In my previous blog post I’ve explained what TypeScript is, pros and cons and how it helps in Model Driven Apps, in this case I’m going to walk you through on how to create a TypeScript project from scratch for Model Driven Apps.
I will show you how to add the config files and one first example of TypeScript that you can apply to a main form, but don’t worry in my next blog post I will show you more cool examples

What is TypeScript, pros and cons and how it helps in Model Driven Apps

In the quest for a fresh start this year, I’m going to create a series of blogposts that is a guide about TypeScript applied to Model Driven apps, inspired by my friend Ben den Blanken. Exploring TypeScript from the basics to practical examples, this first blogposts tries to explain the basics like what TypeScript is, its benefits and how it can help you in a Dataverse or Power Platform project.