Dataverse REST Builder and the Hidden Gems

The Dataverse REST Builder, a crucial tool in XRMToolbox, enables creating and executing requests against the Dataverse Web API endpoint, invaluable for consultants who need to call Custom APIs from various parts of the platform, such as ribbon buttons. To use it, you connect to your environment, create a new collection and request, select the Custom API

Import Excel file using Custom API and Alternate keys

Have you ever had headaches trying to build an integration using an Excel file?

If so, let me walk you through this blogpost where I’ve been trying to combine some tools to import an Excel file using Power Automate, but in a much more efficient way than using just the Excel connector.

In this solution I am using a cloud flow, a custom API and alternative keys to create a bulk Upsert request.

Speed up your development process with GitHub Copilot

Are you ready to take your development experience to a whole new level? GitHub Copilot is your ultimate development companion, designed to boost your development process and increase your productivity. In this blogpost, I’ll walk you through every aspect of GitHub Copilot, from installation and configuration to creating an Azure Function connected to Dataverse that demonstrate how Copilot Works.

Create a Custom API using bulk request

Custom APIs in Dataverse is a great way to build your own API messages to run complex business operations in a single API. And best of all, they can be called from anywhere, whether using JavaScript, Cloud Flow, or even from a plugin.